My Dating Statistics 

Let’s break down my dating history into numbers.

In a period of 6 months I went through 8,000 profiles on 13 different dating sites. I had a list of 20 things that would prevent me from dating someone. A list of 4 things I needed to have. I kept a ratio of 80/20 to see if I’d be interested to go on a first date. *Prospective dates could have apparent flaws but only at a 20% ratio to 80% positive qualities. All of the profiles had to be within a 500 mile radius. Aged between (keep it together here folks) 29-45. Of the 8,000 profiles I narrowed it down to 23 men I’d like to date and became fairly aggressive to get them to ask me out. I had a second date with only 4 of them. 3 got a third date and extended dates beyond that. 1 of them moved. 1 was nice but not for me and 1 became my best friend.  6 months, 8,000 profiles, 23 dates.  That’s a small amount of time and a large amount of dates. Well, in the next 12 months I added another 40 first dates to that number so in 18 months I went on a total of 63 first dates. I met some truly amazing people. Interesting backgrounds, careers, travels, points of view and ideas were shared.  I walked out on 2 dates. Both within the first 5 minutes of sitting down. 1 date brought his girlfriend. Another 1 didn’t speak ANY English and had been communicating through google translate on the dating site. 1 talked about his ex for 2 hours. 1 left me to go help his ex with a flat tire. I dated hippies, rangers, baseball players, lawyers, executives, a race car driver, musician, NASA, surfer, pilots, surgeon, political scientist, brokers, brilliant guys, not-so-brilliant guys, a model, a producer, firefighters, fathers, republicans, democrats, and on and on and on. I had fun on nearly every date because there was always something to learn from each person.

Since those first 6 months, I slowed down but added another 6,000 or so to total looked at profiles somewhere in the range of 14,000. My list of 20 things I could never date was torn up and thrown away after I was reminded by friend how the law of attraction works.  My 4 favorite things to find in a person are still written down though. But it all comes down to the 1 trait that matters most to me-Happiness.

I had read somewhere before I had my first first date that you can find your “soulmate” after approximately 800 people that you meet. One of them is an actual soulmate.  A perfect partner. I knew I couldn’t possibly go on 800 dates in a my lifetime (although this number was to include men and women with whom you’d have met) let alone a decade. After around 75 first dates I got really comfortable dating a guy and eventually it became exclusive.  Not on purpose but he was sweet, insanely handsome and he made me feel like a 1,000,000 bucks. But long-term potential just wasn’t there and it ended with us being friends.

I will clarify that I am not dating to find someone to marry.  I can’t say for certain but I don’t see marriage in my future.  I’ll be content with a partner and an equal.


2 thoughts on “My Dating Statistics 

  1. Fabulous!! I have been doing something similar. I have had many first dates, had far too many pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks (I no longer drink them- switched to green tea:). I believe most men are still in love with their first wives and am to the point where I politely ask them to stop talking about her. For the most part, I have found most men to be good guys, just not the guy for me.
    I have also found out a lot about myself in this process. Turns out I am willing to accept things I thought I never would, I would really like to be with someone who will dance with me (he was one of my favorites by far.) The younger the man the less the baggage and the more the laughter!!! Thanks for posting this! 🙂 it’s nice to know I’m not alone!


    1. Tracy! People dread dating. Luckily I’ve had good experiences. Ex’s are a typical subject. :/ I learned to ask important questions right in the very beginning to get a feel for how they worked in past relationships. And what you say you want or don’t want on paper doesn’t really matter when you meet someone and fall in love.


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