This land is made for you and me

America.  It’s the greatest.

img_2805This year has had me wondering about it’s greatness more than a few times.  I even spent a day or two planning my escape.  But some smart soul played the National Anthem on the radio yesterday.  It made me stop what I was doing and think about how much I love this country.  We are so lucky to be here;  to do what we do, say what we say, go where we want to go.  Our freedoms are bountiful.  Our land is breathtaking.  Our citizens are beautiful, smart, loyal, fierce, brave, fun, happy, and free.

This land, where we reside, truly has some of the best places in the world.  It’s made to be explored.  So, if you get a little sad at the Elections results.  Plan a little outdoor adventure to a remote spot to rediscover how lucky you are regardless of our new Chief of State.  Listen to the National Anthem once or twice and then get rid of all those negative feelings that the election brings.  Everything’s going to be alright.

Go to Zion. Find a Beach.  Climb a mountain.  Play in the dirt.
Get lost in America.  It’s made for you and me.



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