Dreams that come true.


A year ago this week I was wandering around my new favorite place in the world.  London.  Getting lost in the alleyways.  Eating food while people watching on park benches.  Enjoying the rain and riding the tube. Museums and markets.  No sleep.  Walking for miles each day with the perfect travel companion.

It was even better than I imagined and quickly became a front runner for true loves in my life.  For some reason it was a dream of mine to go, although I didn’t know why.  Random people had told me I needed to go.  (Two years ago a friend asked me what my favorite city was and I told him San Francisco, he said, “No, it’s not.  It’s London”.  And a stranger just last week told me I belonged in London.  I was talking to his friend and he simply came up and interrupted to say he had this feeling I should go to London).  I had finally reached a budget which allowed me a little freedom to go.  I was determined despite being told it was expensive and stuffy and the weather was horrid.  But London was literally calling and I made it happen.

I made a few great friends while there that I adore and love.  People that I was destined to meet in this life.  While London was only the beginning of a now desperate attempt to see the world, I made a detour there this spring instead of stopping in Amsterdam, while on my Scandinavian trip to fall in love with it all over.  It was a magnetic pull.  I don’t know how or why but I have a feeling I’ll be back again soon….



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