I am the WHO

“Turns out not where, but who you’re with that really matters” -DMB

I was singing this song outloud the other day when I stopped and thought about this line.  I have spent the last three years making sure that I love WHERE I am.  I put daily effort into going to WHERE I want.  Traveling is something that comes easy to me.  I find ways to get where I want to go and then I just do it.  At first it was scary, the leaving part, but now it feels right and I’m comfortable with going and doing as much as I can.  I’m good at finding the joy wherever I am. 

But the “WHO I’m with is what really matters” lingered in my mind for quite sometime.  I started thinking about dating.  It’s not something I want to do right now.  I thought about my friends.  I have amazing friends that could go someWHERE with me.  But I could go by myself just the same.  I wondered if I was missing something and if I should feel lonely.  But I don’t.  Or if there was something wrong with loving my solitude.  After I few days dwelling on this, I finally realized that the WHO is myself.  I am the WHO. We all need to be comfortable with ourselves to be happy.  That is what really matters. The end.


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