Dreams that come true.


A year ago this week I was wandering around my new favorite place in the world.  London.  Getting lost in the alleyways.  Eating food while people watching on park benches.  Enjoying the rain and riding the tube. Museums and markets.  No sleep.  Walking for miles each day with the perfect travel companion.

It was even better than I imagined and quickly became a front runner for true loves in my life.  For some reason it was a dream of mine to go, although I didn’t know why.  Random people had told me I needed to go.  (Two years ago a friend asked me what my favorite city was and I told him San Francisco, he said, “No, it’s not.  It’s London”.  And a stranger just last week told me I belonged in London.  I was talking to his friend and he simply came up and interrupted to say he had this feeling I should go to London).  I had finally reached a budget which allowed me a little freedom to go.  I was determined despite being told it was expensive and stuffy and the weather was horrid.  But London was literally calling and I made it happen.

I made a few great friends while there that I adore and love.  People that I was destined to meet in this life.  While London was only the beginning of a now desperate attempt to see the world, I made a detour there this spring instead of stopping in Amsterdam, while on my Scandinavian trip to fall in love with it all over.  It was a magnetic pull.  I don’t know how or why but I have a feeling I’ll be back again soon….



My little sister

My little sister is legitimately the coolest person I know.  We grew up all over the U.S. and while constantly moving about, we had to become creative in entertaining ourselves in our new surroundings before making new friends.  We spent countless hours singing, script writing plays, then recording ourselves, and exploring the outdoors.

From this girl, who is a brilliant and gorgeous, as we grew older, I often heard her say that she had to grow up in the shadow of me.  It still shocks me.  This came from someone whom I admired greatly.  She is a person who always, under all circumstances, stayed true to herself, followed her dreams, even when it was a struggle.  She never put up with crap from people who didn’t deserve her time or attention, or in other words, knew her self worth at a young age. She worked hard to achieve her goals and loves her work and her job. She doesn’t settle for less than what she wants.  For myself, as a lost adult, I can’t think of much more that I want to be able to say that I’ve accomplished in my life.  She is an example beyond anything I could’ve imagined from a human in this day and age.

My little sister also saved me during the hardest 72 hours of my life last summer.  There are just no words that can describe the gratitude that I have for her rescuing me.

There is no jealousy.  It’s complete admiration.

Today my little sister is, once again, doing it right.  She’s getting married to her best friend.  (Another one of my favorite humans on the planet).  Ten years of patience and love have brought these two to marriage.  I’m thrilled for them.  I love these two and the strong women that they are.

She was cool at 4 and she’s cool at 36.  I can’t say that I felt she was in my shadow.  The way I see it, she may have been shining from within and directing her light toward me.

I am the WHO

“Turns out not where, but who you’re with that really matters” -DMB

I was singing this song outloud the other day when I stopped and thought about this line.  I have spent the last three years making sure that I love WHERE I am.  I put daily effort into going to WHERE I want.  Traveling is something that comes easy to me.  I find ways to get where I want to go and then I just do it.  At first it was scary, the leaving part, but now it feels right and I’m comfortable with going and doing as much as I can.  I’m good at finding the joy wherever I am. 

But the “WHO I’m with is what really matters” lingered in my mind for quite sometime.  I started thinking about dating.  It’s not something I want to do right now.  I thought about my friends.  I have amazing friends that could go someWHERE with me.  But I could go by myself just the same.  I wondered if I was missing something and if I should feel lonely.  But I don’t.  Or if there was something wrong with loving my solitude.  After I few days dwelling on this, I finally realized that the WHO is myself.  I am the WHO. We all need to be comfortable with ourselves to be happy.  That is what really matters. The end.