I’m alright

In the middle of a texting conversation with a friend this week I found myself saying, “I keep thinking my life can’t get any better and then …..it does.”

I’m stressed. Unbelievably so. I have too much to do. Too little time. Health concerns. People who depend on me. Car issues.  Sleepless nights. Caffeine addiction. There are days when I feel lonely and days I want to be alone FOREVER. Tears that won’t surface and I miss my son. BUT my life is good. Better than good. It’s truly great. I’m lucky. I think we all are.

I come across people on a daily basis who have real struggles. They have illness, a financial crisis, or no support system. They can’t get control of their life. It makes me realize again and again how amazing my life is.

I’m so grateful for a job that teaches me more about life than any other experience I could have. I have friends who look out for me and unexpected help whenever I need it for whatever I need. I’ve seen more of the world this past year then my entire life previously combined. I’ve met wonderful humans, friends for life. But also got my eyes opened to the spoiled American lifestyle and expectations of living.  We have so much and complain about it.  I hope that this coming year I can learn to let go of things more.  Appreciate life with all the little moments.  Stop. Listen. Do.  Stop and look around, enjoy the life, even the bumps in the road that come along with it.  Listen to your heart, your gut, and the world around you, then trust yourself.  Do what feels right!  Even if it isn’t what everyone else is doing or thinking you should do.  Life is hard but it’s also wonderful.  Everyday it’s wonderful and even on the worst days, it’s still alright.  We have it better than most of the world and while we live in the American bubble, we don’t always remember that.


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