Our Nation-63 days until we vote


Summer Olympics kept me in an eternal state of National pride. Even silly Ryan Locte’s fib didn’t deter from my joy of being an American.

Every time I heard the National Anthem I got a little teary eyed and felt overwhelming love for this wonderful land I was lucky enough to be born in.  Americans are so lucky. We forget it too often.

My pride quickly fizzled when the two jackasses running for president came back in full-force on TV with the ridiculous accusations and insane political positions and crude, evil, mean attitudes that break my heart.  It’s embarrassing. And this is not a campaign for one side or the other. They are all horrid people.  I spent most of my youth wanting to be in politics. I could not imagine how it would’ve destroyed my soul to be among the people that run our country now.  So Sad….


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