My favorite travel sites.

Here is a list of my top favorite travel sites for alerts and searching.  I mostly use them as a guide for prices I should be able to find and then go to the airline or hotel or company website to book.  I’ve called hotels directly and told them about the price I saw online and got them to book me for a lower price.  This was done without any pressure from me except asking kindly once,  “Can you do any better?”  Even if it was only $5, that’s the $5 that buys me a water at the airport after I pour mine out at security.  I figure every dollar counts.  I’ve called airlines in the middle of the night (during my insomnia phase) and asked when the next sale/special will be posted.  More often than not, employees are willing to share this information.  I search hashtags for the places I’m thinking of traveling to on social media.  I’m also a little crazy when it comes to expectation of prices.  I give myself an absurd challenge and then don’t go until I find it at that price….or I don’t go.  Who would’ve thought you could fly to Europe cheaper than to Florida?  Me.

  1. Travelzoo
  2. Airfarewatchdog
  3. Spirit Deals
  4. About Travel
  5. T&L
  6. AirBnb
  7. Private accounts on Instagram/Snapchat
  8. TravelPirates
  9. Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline… etc.
  10. BookingBuddy
  11. HipMunk
  12. Skyscanner

I know there are tons more out there. I’m still exploring.  These are what I have on my phone or signed up for alerts through e-mail.  If you have a favorite, let me know.


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