Oh London. You spoil me.

I wasn’t sure if I’d go to London again so soon.  It’s a place I still dream of nearly daily so when the opportunity came, I had to go.
The weather was freezing and rainy when I arrived and I was tired from going non-stop the past week so I was happy to stay indoors the first day and rest from doing so much already.  I did manage to wander through Shoreditch, find a few markets and get lost in the streets there.  The street art is impressive.

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By Sunday afternoon I made my way to South East London to visit with my friend, only to fall asleep on his couch instead of chatting.  But we woke up early, caught a train together and I went straight to Tower Bridge to see the sunrise.  I stayed there over an hour just enjoying the views and the people.


Monday was warm and bright. I walked the Tower Bridge and then went two blocks over to my favorite spot in the city.  St. Dunsten’s in the East.  I cannot say enough how much this place brings me joy.

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From the advice of a friend I splurged on a tour of the Tower of London, (which is in between the two blocks of St. Dunsten’s and Tower Bridge.)
I am so happy I did.  They have Beefeaters give free tours and I must say it was informative and entertaining. After the hour tour, I explored the grounds.  The history and violence that happened behind those walls!!!  It’s all amazing and well worth it.  I missed it the last time I was in London and am so glad I made it a top priority.  The crown jewels are stunning, the ravens charming, the chapel beautiful.  I loved it all.  I ate lunch on a bench inside the grounds and met some lovely people from Florida.  I was there nearly four hours and could’ve stayed longer.



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