About a year ago I dreamed I took a vacation all by myself.  I woke up knowing this holiday needed  to happen as soon a possible.  I did a little research and found the safest places for women to travel solo.  Looked around at prices and set some goals.  Months later, I landed in Norway hardly believing I made it happen.  My trip was nothing short of wonderful.

The view of Norway from the air was honestly the most stunning scenery I’d ever seen.  I had 20 hours until I left for Sweden and wanted to make the most of it.  But sadly, I didn’t feel well.  I was heartbroken because of Rufus and tired from traveling and nervous about leaving my girls for so long.  I took the train into city center and found a place to eat, walked around for only about an hour and then went back to the airport and took a nap.  (I’ll add here that the Oslo Airport Gardermoen is one of the best airports I’ve been through.  It was clean and quiet and modern.)  I”ll be going back to Norway.  I plan on driving the entire west coast.  Soon.


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