Why I run.

I’m not a runner.  I could end this entry right here but after finishing three RAGNARS,  and signing up for a few other relays and runs, I have to admit that I do run despite being terrible at it.  No matter what amount of training I put into it, I still basically suck. I only love it after I’ve crossed a finish line.  But there’s a reason why I still do it.  And you may have seen a few posts with my thumbs painted red in February.  It a program called Red Thumbs for One Month for Women’s Heart Disease.  Here’s how I got involved.


My girlfriend, Erin, introduced me to an opportunity to run for a cause.  She was supporting her cousin by running for awareness.  That was my first relay race.  Erin recently started a foundation.  The Brady Heart Foundation.  Named after her cousin Brady.  Brady was diagnosed with Coronary Microvascular Disease. Heart disease is the number one killer in women.  Brady managed, with much effort, to travel to Park City, Utah and watch us cross the RAGNAR Wasatch Back finish line.  It was a great experience.  Brady is a fighter.  I’ve watched her struggle and grow a lot in the past 2 years.  I’m inspired by her strength.  You can read about her journey on Keepin It Beatin Blog. IMG_6251

If you’d like donate to this great cause or have an interest in being involved in the foundation, like The Brady Heart Foundation on Facebook and contact Erin Cornwall there.

I still don’t claim being a runner.  I’ll claim to be a chaser.  I chase after the things that are important and this Non-Profit Foundation is important.  I’m thankful to Erin for including me in her runs and for letting me take part in her efforts to spread awareness.








Nothing makes me feel more patriotic than Rodeos and sporting events.


Cancelled trip

I saw my future


Booked a new trip


4 summer concerts tickets


Took my biggest risk yet

Went into denial

Best friends wedding

Slept 6 hours


And I NEVER thought I’d say this but I’ve been Beiberfied
“Just wanna have a conversation.
Forget about the obligations.
Maybe we can stay in touch.”