The Bourne movie
Stretch limo
Matt Damon
Vanessa, Kim, Jessica, Kurt, and Stephanie
Powerball winner $4
Magic tricks
3,100 squats
Kate Spade

I ended 2014 not knowing how I’d survive through the 2015 and I had three things in my fridge on New Year’s eve.

January 1st, 2016 I found my fridge too full to even shut the door.  I find myself happier than I imagined I could be.


My 3 Favourite places in London


I don’t make daily intineraries when I travel and luckily my girlfriend was open to anything I wanted to do.  This opened up opportunities for us.  We were invited to amazing places and got to do things locals never even get to do.

My favourite places were not local tourists traps.  We got lucky and stumbled upon some fabulous spots that only would’ve been found because we were not on a schedule and when something looked interesting we went out of our way to seek it out.  But I had read a little about a few hidden gems in the city that called out to me.

It’s been a few months since I’ve been home and these three places are the ones that have been on my mind the most and will be the places I will revisit when I return.

1st on my list is Regents Canal in Shoreditch
I had read about the canal walk online.  It was one of the main reasons I was drawn to stay in Shoreditch.  This place is secluded and gorgeous and put me in my happy place.  Besides the scenery it had a perfect little outdoor eatery, The Towpath Cafe, on the water where they served Grilled Cheese sandwiches with jam.  Oh.  We walked along the water for a few miles.  The leaves were changing colors and it even smelled good.  Minus the ginormous spiders along the brick walls, this place is amazing.  I want to live there even though it’s cold and cloudy and not by a beach.

2nd was St Dunstan in the East.
I almost don’t want to share this one because I loved the solitude of it so much.  I’ve been there in my dreams and it has been calling to me.  For such a small space we stayed there for a long time.  At least until it started to rain.  It’s better in real life than any pictures.  I had seen this online too and knew right away that I needed to go there.  It really was the ONLY thing in London I felt that I HAD to go see.  Built in 1100.  It was damaged in the Great Fire of London in 1666.  Rebuilt in the early 1800’s and then bombed in 1941.  Now it’s used as a public garden.

3rd was Lovet Lane.
This is where you want to go to feel like you are in old London.  A real cobblestone street.  I loved the narrowness and uneven bricks.  It was quaint and cute.  I admire how Londoners take care of old things.  And how easy it is to step back in time.  West Coast America barely has anything a hundred years old.  I was amazed.  We stumbled upon it while walking to the next tube station because the one we planned on using was closed.  Lucky us.


2016 REVOLUTION. Not resolution.

There’s about to be a forcible overthrow in 2016.   I’m putting an end to one way of life and starting over.  Every day.

I’m perfectly happy with who I am.  I don’t need character or flaw changes which a resolution implies.  I need evolving.  I need learning and growth and experiences.  I don’t like the idea of fixing something within me.  I’m not broken.

In 2016 this is how I plan to enrich my life.

  1. Every day I start today.  365 new and fresh mornings to do something good.  Good for myself, good for you, good for my community, my country, my world.  I want to put myself in places where goodness thrives.  Namely beaches and mountains and foreign countries and fields full of tulips and friends couches.  I’m forgetting any pain or problem of yesterday and not letting it drag down today.
  2. Take advantage of all opportunities that could possibly enrich my life.  This means I’ll be saying yes to a lot of new things.  And if you got a hold of last years list you may have noticed I like new things.  I got a certified bucket for making lists for this new year and I intend to have it overflowing.  I also say possible because I’m up for experiences and welcome mistakes because that’s how you learn.
  3. I exercise every day.  But this year I want to flex and stretch my brain too.  According to Khan Academy, “new research shows that the brain is like a muscle. It gets stronger with practice. Scientists have been able to show just how the brain grows and gets stronger when you learn. Scientists have shown that, when people study hard and learn new ways to study, their brains change and grow.”  So classes and lessons will be filling all my spare time, although I haven’t figured out when I’ll have spare time.


noun rev·o·lu·tion \ˌre-və-ˈlü-shən\

Definitions of revolution

  • A dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people’s ideas about it:
  • A sudden, extreme, or complete change in the way people live, work, etc.

  • The action of moving around something in a path that is similar to a circle

  • A forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system.

(as defined by Merrium-Webster and Oxford dictionaries)