The end of the year


The past few months

  • magic happened
  • fate found me
  • I used my passport
  • I learned that when conquering your biggest fear it’s quickly replaced by a new biggest fear
  • I ran another RAGNAR
  • I looked like a member of Fight Club but I can’t talk about it
  • I attended a funeral
  • I unknowingly liked a Justin Beiber song
  • I stayed in a hostel
  • I learned my life path number
  • I saw Star Wars
  • I met a soulmate (X2)
  • I succeeded in finishing all 5 of my New Years Resolutions
  • I said no when I should’ve said yes
  • a dream came true
  • I loved recklessly
  • I lived loudly
  • I had surgery
  • walked on the beach 5 different days

2015 Bests List

Best Day:  A spontaneous day to Malibu and a walk on the beach that ended with live music and new friends.  The whole day from start to finish was perfect.  (I also had a near perfect day at Disneyland.)

Best Accomplishment:  RAGNAR Napa.

Best Concert:  Of Monsters And Men.

Best Movie:  Star Wars, duh.

Best Song:  Empire by Of Monsters And Men.

Best over-rated news story:  What color is the dress?

Best Advice:  “There are no ordinary moments”.

Best Moment:  I think I’ll keep this one to myself a little longer…

Best Laugh:  Watching SNL reruns.

Best Lesson Learned:  “We have no friends.  We have no enemies.  We only have teachers.”

Best Conversation:  Sitting in my car this summer with my best friend after facing my biggest nightmare.

Best Trip:  London.  Exceeded all expectations.


Christmas Day


At 9am my Christmas wish was granted.   I got to FaceTime with Elder Goodrich.  I never experienced missing someone so much that it physically hurt.  Today was refreshing.  I’m so proud of him.  He’s a good human.

Other highlights of the day:

  • old photos books
  • ukelele
  • Harry Potter candy
  • Sherlock card games
  • X-men
  • wassail
  •  Marauder’s Map
  • Bucket Lists
  • cookies
  • visiting
  • pennyboard
  • Harry Potter pretty much everything

Resolutions of 2015

2015 opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. I realized I’ve spent too much time playing it safe and it was time to mix it up. So for my New Years resolutions I made myself 5 promises. And for the first time in my life I finished the year without quitting one of them.
1- I promised to do 40 new things this year. The highlights of these being SKYDIVING. This was an incredible experience.


2-I promised to take care of myself. I had a regimented workout plan. An 80/20 clean eating plan. And the promise to go to the doctor if I needed it. I will mention that I’ve been to the doctor more this year than the last 10 combined. But it was all important so no complaints.

3-I promised to let go. I withdrew from people, places and things that didn’t feel right. I let go of hurt and sadness. I purged things that I owned. It was a long process that I will continue to do because it has been so liberating.

4-I promised to let important things into my life. I met a few significant people this year. They enlightened me. They shared joy with me and made me feel better about myself. They are not people I would’ve become friends with under normal circumstances from my regular day to day life. But I made it a point to get out and do 40 new things which put me in places that aligned me to meet them.


5-I promised to go foreign. This was hands down the busiest, craziest, most fun trip I have ever taken. I finally left North America. I had my best friend with me. I had brilliant weather. I made a lifelong friend.  And I made memories that will stay in my heart forever.  This trip was more meaningful to me than almost any other thing I’ve ever done.